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A cast of the characters from the game Middle Ages: Online.

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Welcome to Middle Ages: Online...

... and welcome to Asgodia. A place once filled to the brim with players and NPCs alike.

After the player base of the original Middle Ages: Online died in the 90s, the NPCs of Asgodia were left with no one to help them out. With things out of their control, they were forced to live in a purgatory until one day, a lone player showed up.

At first, the lone player was a boon to the NPCs - a quiet type, who kept to himself in this otherwise online game. But as time went on, weird things started to happen to the land of Asgodia... then suddenly, in the 2020s, more players started to arrive again.

Perhaps you would like to join them?

An animated teleport portal from the game Middle Ages: Online.

What's New? (0.5 Update - 12/21/23)

Middle Ages: Online has a new update, the Strange places update, and this image displays some of the new areas!

Middle Ages: Online's second major content expansion will release on December 21st, 2023!

There's never been a better time to play. Come join our discord and the awesome game that is Middle Ages: Online!


The Warrior

The warrior's goal is to take one for the team. As the tankiest class, a warrior is capable of taking physical blows while keeping their friends safe and away from enemy harm.

The primary subclasses for the Warrior are Fighter, Paladin, and Barbarian.

Warriors will dedicate themselves to learning different weapons and may spend a lot of time in the mines or at the forge to expand their collection.

Warriors train at the Warrior's Refuge in Norsche Canyon.

A warrior in Middle Ages: Online, in combat with a ghost.

The Mage

The mage's main concerns are ranged spell damage, crowd control, and party support.

The primary subclasses for the Mage are Elemental Mage, Holy Mage, and Spellsword.

Mages will focus primarily on crafting and learning spell recipes and less so on learning a wide array of weapons, though they still have some say in the matter.

Mages hone their skills at the Wizard’s Tower in Westhelm.

The mage in Middle Ages: Online, shooting a magic missile over Westhelm swamp.

The Rogue

The rogue's job is to deal high burst damage to their foes, either at range or in close combat. Their maneuverability can get them out of tight situations and allows them to perform stealth attacks.

The primary subclasses for the Rogue are Assassin, Archer, and Trickster.

A rogue will likely prioritize hunting and tanning leathers as well as woodcutting, especially so if they become archers.

Rogues hone their skills at the Rogue’s Encampment in Vennerwood.

The rogue in Middle Ages: Online, practicing their archery in Vennerwood.


Weapon Enhancement!

The enhancement menu in Middle Ages: Online.
  • Enhance your weapons with unique abilities at your class's guild hall!
  • Learn new enhancements by deconstructing or crafting equipment or by finding recipes hidden throughout the world!

Dungeons & Bosses!

  • Speedrun instanced dungeons to earn better rewards and to earn your place on the leaderboards!
  • Take on powerful bosses, solve puzzles, and explore story content in many different dungeons!
A mage exploring a newbie dungeon in Middle Ages: Online.

Mix-and-Match Skills to Find the Ultimate Build!

A mage exploring a newbie dungeon in Middle Ages: Online.
A mage exploring a newbie dungeon in Middle Ages: Online.

Explore a Forgotten World!

The Meridia dungeon in Middle Ages: Online.
The bogfield dungeon in Middle Ages: Online
Part of the map in Middle Ages: Online

Other Features

  • Complete crazy subquests! From helping out a lost alien to walking an injured villager’s dog, the quests in Middle Ages: Online will keep you guessing and hungry for more, unlocking all sorts of horizontal progression options and giving monstrous EXP drops!
  • Combo System! Chain enemy kills together (PvP or PvE) to rack up a monster combo - higher combos will yield bonus experience!
    • These combos are even shared with your party members. You can rack up insane combos and experience if you coordinate well.
    • Finding and equipping prayers will allow you to conjure powerful instant-cast spells while your combos increase. Collect all the prayers in the game to come up with creative aids to your favorite builds!
  • Player vs Player combat in the region known as the Flatlands - be careful should you need to wander through here! There's no rule in the Flatlands; it's up to whomever is the strongest.
  • Form parties and clans with your buddies!
    • Clan Wars, a player-versus-player minigame that runs every day from 6-8PM EST, allows player-made teams to fight for control over a Clan Hall! Taking over a hall secures it to your guild members for a day, allowing you to use its crafting services and Clan Bank!
  • Fluid and satisfying tile-based combat!
    • Combat mode allows you to strafe and maintain a strong position over your opponent!
  • Enjoy an original soundscape, featuring dozens of original songs and hundreds of original sound effects and voices!
A guild hall, ripe for the taking.

A guild hall, ripe for the taking

Mining coal in the Norsche Caves.

Mining in the Norsche Caves

Fishing along the Norsche river.

Fishing along the Norsche River

Cutting trees north of Fenwyndell.

Cutting trees north of Fenwyndell

Exploring a dark cave.

Exploring a dark cave